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Purchasing and Procurement

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07 May

Our buying department is responsible for buying or approving the acquisition of goods and services needed by the hospital. Its has four distinct functions


The department procures all necessary materials needed for the daily operations of the hospital. It is especially important to keep inventory ordering at a reasonable level; investing large amounts of capital in excess stock could result in storage problems and in a shortage of capital for other expenditures such as of the hospital. Purchasing also oversees all of the vendors that supply a the hospital with the items it needs to operate properly.

Evaluating Price

The department is also charged with continuously evaluating whether it is receiving these materials at the best possible price in order to mimize costs. The department may need to shop around to find the best vendors at the most reasonable prices for the company’s particular size orders. The department staff may communicate with alternate vendors, negotiate better pricing for bulk orders or investigate the possibility of procuring cheaper materials from alternative sources as part of their daily activities.

Paperwork and Accounting

The department handles all of the paperwork involved in purchasing and delivery of supplies and materials. Purchasing ensures timely delivery of materials from vendors, generates and tracks purchase orders and works alongside the receiving department and the accounts payable department to ensure that promised deliveries were received in full and are being paid for on time.

Policy Compliance

The purchasing department also must ensure that it is complying with all company policies. For example, various departments may communicate with the purchasing department about purchasing needs for things such as office supplies or computers. Before making a purchase, the purchasing department must ensure that it heeds the proper protocols for purchase and budget approval and must ensure that any items are purchased in accordance with the overall purchasing policy of the organization.