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Pathology deals with what causes disease and what effects disease has on our overall wellbeing. It helps us to detect a disease before it can get any worse and also helps us to prevent many illnesses through diagnostic testing. By testing what is happening in our bodies pathologists can tell if you are at risk for getting a certain disease, if you have a disease and can also monitor the progress of the medication you’re taking. They do this by looking for any changes in tissues, blood or other bodily fluids that we may not be able to see ourselves. Pathology helps us to keep track of our health and take control of our wellbeing.

You need our pathology services to:

  • Keep a routine check on your overall health and wellbeing.
  • Catch any disease early so that you can treat conditions and prevent them from progressing.
  • Screen for a particular disease especially if you have a predisposed risk based on age or family history.
  • Provide information needed for insurance policies and as required by employers.
  • Check up on an existing condition and to see how effective the treatment is.
  • Prevent the spread of disease.