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07 May

Nuclear Medicine Services provided at Mpilo Central Hospital Nuclear Medicine department:

  • Whole Body bone scanning to screen for skeletal metastatic disease and other skeletal abnormalities.
  • Thyroid imaging for benign thyroid disease.
  • Whole body Radioactive Iodine Imaging for screening of metastatic disease from thyroid cancer.
  • Myocardial perfusion imaging for diagnosis, prognosis and risk stratification in coronary artery disease.
  • Parathyroid scanning for localization of parathyroid adenoma.
  • Diuretic dynamic renal imaging for assessment of urodynamics and differential renal function.
  • Renal cortical imaging for diagnosis of renal scarring, pyelonephritis, and determination of differential renal function.
  • Gated blood pool imaging for evaluation of left ventricular ejection fraction.
  • Ventilation/Perfusion Lung imaging for diagnosis of pulmonary embolism and differential lung function quantification.
  • Cerebral perfusion imaging for neuropsychiatric evaluation.
  • Cysternography for evaluation of Cerebrospinal fluid dynamics.
  • Red cell volume determination for diagnosis of absolute erythrocytosis.
  • Blood pool imaging for localization of GIT bleeding.
  • Denatured red blood cell imaging for localization of remnant splenic tissue.
  • Pertechnetate imaging for localization of Meckel diverticulum.
  • Hepatobilliary imaging for diagnosis of cholecystitis, biliary leaks, biliary atresia.
  • Radioactive Iodine Therapy of benign thyroid disease, e.g. Graves disease.
  • Radioactive Iodine therapy of differentiated malignant thyroid disease (thyroid cancer).

All patients are seen at the Nuclear Medicine Department by prior appointment. An appointment will only be made after receiving the referral form from the patient’s doctor and determination of the appropriateness of the request.